While rapid relief and almost instant improvement

can often be seen with use of our individual therapies,

Dr. Wild has found the greatest overall health benefits

come with combining our various unique offerings for

a powerful

synergy of services


We suggest you participate in one or more of the following programs

Dr. Wild created to optimize your BioHack Zone experience


combining the best of our

BioHacking, Chiropractic, and Functional Medicine therapies


to speed your personal health restoration

and attain your individual health goals:





This monthly membership is

the most basic of our integrated programs

and is designed to

relax, rejuvenate, and renew

your body & mind on a regular basis by

combining our Chiropractic & BioHacking memberships

simply mix & match any of our


already discounted

Chiropractic Memberships

with any of our

already discounted

BioHacking Memberships


to create your perfect personal balance of

health-enhancing services at our lowest fees 


or choose to

save the most

by getting an




when you combine a


Weekly Membership



All Access Membership




which gives you access to $3,390/mo. worth of services

for just $247 per month




Fast Fat Loss & Cellulite Smoothing System(TM)

alternating advanced hot & cold fat loss therapies

to target resistant fat and cellulite zones for immediate results

(coming soon)



Thick  vs.  Thin


Heavy  vs.  Light


Flabby  vs.  Firm


    Bumpy  vs.  Smooth

 which would you rather be?


Using the cutting-edge science of





Red Light





CryoSkin 3.0





and adding in


Dr. Wild's

Complete Cellular

Detoxification Protocol


we can literally erase

your targeted areas of stubborn fat and cellulite

faster than you imagined possible.


if you suffer from

Bulging muffin top belly?

Sagging folds of back fat?

Baggy buttocks?

Dimpled cottage cheese thighs?

Wiggling batwing arms?

this program is perfect for you

using this advanced technology

clients typically

lose up to 1 inch

per treatment area per session

directly from their

belly, back, butt, thighs, or arms


in just 2 short months

You simply choose any of the above 5 areas to

target, shrink, and tone


and we'll get right to work

contrasting hot and cold therapy sessions

using Dr. Wild's

comfortable slimming and toning technologies

combined with

his fast fat-flushing detox techniques

you will even start to see results

after the very first session

Get started today.

You're just weeks away from

feeling great about what you see in the mirror!

*This is a unique one-of-a-kind process*

not offered anywhere else


and at a discounted package price that can't be beaten






24 "Hot" Red Light Fat Melting sessions

over 2 months

(3 visits per week for 45 minutes)

5 "Cold" CryoSkin 3.0 Fat Freezing sessions

over 2 months

(added to your visit every 2 weeks for 45 minutes)


enhanced by 2 months of

Dr. Wild's

Complete Cellular Detoxification Protocol

(done at home at your liesure)




(2 monthly payments of $1215)




(2 monthly payments of $1090)



($134 per visit for 24 visits) 



our CryoSkin 3.0 device is currently on order from the manufacturer in France. Until we actually receive and begin using our cryotherapy equipment, we are actively pre-booking this program at the


for both Zone MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS alike


we will only accept 10 new clients per treatment cycle


this is a short-term promotion that will end

once our equipment arrives and clients begin actively

receiving CONTRAST sessions

after this promotion ends


only be made available

to active BioHack Zone Members








  • Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired more often than you feel fantastic and energized?


  • Are you looking for one all-encompassing plan to fully renovate that crumbling "temple" you've been living in called your body, from the foot of your foundation all the way up to your top floor?


  • Are you ready to create a whole new you, regenerating health from the tiniest of your simple cells all the way to your full-body complex systems?


  • Are you ready to balance your brain and nervous system integration, endocrine (hormone) health, digestive and eliminative function, musculoskeletal strength & coordination, and bolster your immunity...optimizing your physical and emotional you can literally exude health and experience life like never before?    


Well, then you're ready for


Dr. Wild's


The one and only program designed to 

achieve abundant health & experience extraordinary life

in the shortest period of time possible



is an acronym for

Optimal Nerve Expression


Your nerve system controls and coordinates

all of your body's everyday functions,

and is ultimately responsible for everything from

your physical and emotional well-being,

to how well you feel and heal overall.



Optimal Nerve Expression

is necessary


optimal health and an optimal life experience.


This program is a very comprehensive plan

designed to completely reset and transform

your neurological, biochemical, and cellular health

utilizing the best of Dr. Wild's

BioHacking, Chiropractic, and Functional Medicine

tips, tools, and techniques.

This requires a significant commitment of

willingness, time, energy, and resources,


and simply isn't for everyone.

  • If you are not willing to visit The BioHack Zone to significantly reduce your physical, mental, and chemical stress levels, involving up to 60 minutes of cutting-edge healing therapy 3 times per week for the full duration of your program, then this is NOT the program for you.

  • If you are not willing to do 15 - 30 minutes of specific postural stabilization exercises in the comfort of your own home each and every day, then this is NOT the program for you.

  • If you are not willing to change your eating habits to dramatically reduce your cellular inflammation and immune system burden levels, then this is NOT the program for you.

  • If you are not willing to have your blood, urine, and/or saliva tested as needed every 3 months to uncover your personal weak links & monitor your progress, then this is NOT the program for you.

  • If you are not willing to take the necessary targeted supplements each and every day to repair your personal micronutrient deficiencies and rebalance your hormones, then this is NOT the program for you.


  • If you are desiring to decrease your fat stores, increase your skin's collagen & circulation, tighten & tone your saggy areas, and clear & smooth your complexion so you can LOOK BETTER than you have in many years


  • If you are wanting to significantly improve your strength, balance, coordination, and neurological, muscular, & cardiovascular function so you can FEEL BETTER than you have in as long as you can remember


  • If you are needing to balance & optimize your biochemistry, eliminate your chronic inflammation, erase your daily pain, and repair & restore your cellular and whole-body health from the inside-out so you can finally HEAL BETTER than likely ever before

then this intensive program


exactly what you have been looking for.



What's Included? 

Chiropractic Services


Once per week chiropractic visits


all necessary spinal and extremity adjustments

to optimize nerve system function and expression


Rapid Relief Therapy(TM) vibrational massage treatment

to release chronically tight muscles


soothing spinal IST stretching

to improve circulation to back joints


Full-Brain Activating Low-Level Laser treatments

to upregulate whole-body healing

($1800 value)


The following supplies and spinal balance supports:

2 pair of custom-made Pelvic Stabilizing Orthotic shoe inserts

to help balance your spine


1 Cervical Stabilizing Posture Pump home rehab tool

to restore your spine's "spring" against gravity


1 contoured Cervical Sleep Support pillow

to gently cradle and support you for better rest at night

($538 value)

Functional Medicine Services


2 System Survey online Whole-Body Health Assessments & report

including Dr. Wild's Functional Medicine second-opinion review

of any outside-office blood work

baseline and repeated after 3 months

($398 value)

2 Body & Brain Cellular Inflammation Blood Tests

 baseline and repeated after 3 months

($198 value)

2 Body and Brain Hormone Urine and Saliva Tests

 baseline and repeated after 3 months

($1170 value)

2 Micronutrient Deficiency Blood Tests

baseline and repeated after 3 months

($830 value)

2 Complete CardioMetabolic Blood Tests

baseline and repeated after 3 months

($450 value)

1 Lymphocyte Response Assay Food Sensitivity Blood Tests

 baseline only; should be ideally repeated after 6 months

($645 value)


Dr. Wild's


Cellular Healing Anti Inflammatory Rotation

perfect eating plan


a unique system incorporating the recognized benefits of

the Paleo Diet, the Ketogenic Diet, and Vegetarian Diet plans

all specifically based on your personal food sensitivities

combined with

with the proven health benefits of

Intermittent and Block Fasting

and using

organic/antibiotic-free/hormone-free seasonal foods

which are locally-sourced whenever possible  


*optional add-on*

you can choose to include locally-sourced, chef-created,

pre-cooked, organic and/or antibiotic & hormone-free meals


all based on your lab-tested food sensitivities, personal likes, and dislikes


all specifically designed to follow Dr. Wild's CHAIR DIET eating plan


and all hand-delivered right to your doorstep twice per week

ready to just heat and eat


so you can stop stressing about getting your food right

and just focus on getting better!


requires a minimum of 5 meals per week

@ $14/meal

with no contract

so you can stop at any time



BioHacking Services


3 visits per week to The BioHack Zone

for up to 90 minutes each time



Advanced Red Light Therapy rotation of


Fast Fat Melt Sessions


Mitochondrial Cellular Health Activation


Skin Toning & Clearing Sessions


Pre-workout Endurance


Post-workout Strengthener


Dr. Wild's


exercise protocol:

a unique system using

the ultra-efficient CAR.O.L cardio bike


ultra-effective guided vibration platform

resistance band exercises

which maximizes your heart and lung function,

rebalances your stress and sugar-metabolism hormones,

burns fat & builds muscle fast,

increases blood flow to your brain,

reduces your risk of illness,

and even helps you sleep better at night.

in-office Longevity Life Extension exercise & laser sessions

to help optimize your lifespan & healthspan

​warm Hydromassage with deep relaxation headset

to destress physically and emotionally

MUSE(TM) Brain Biofeedback stress-reduction sessions

to destress mentally and regain focus

Far Infrared Detoxification Sauna, to destress chemically by releasing and removing embedded cellular toxins


($3270 value)

This program requires

a minimum commitment of 3 months




Option 1 - 10% Discount



Save $930


1/2 deposit down of $4,185


plus 11 equal monthly installments of $380


Option 2 - 5% Discount



Save $465


1/3 deposit down of $2650 


plus 11 equal monthly installments of $562


Option 3 - No Discount




12 equal monthly installments of $775



if necessary to bring all of your health parameters

back into optimal health ranges



(same tiered payment options seen above apply) 

What's NOT included ?

  • optional add-on chef-prepared meals, as described above

  • any individual supplements/nutrients needed to re-balance your biochemistry based on your personal laboratory testing and extensive health history findings, therefore the cost will vary for each person. However, these supplements are available for purchase at 20% OFF retail through Dr. Wild's professional discount & FREE shipping arrangement with multiple premier professional-grade nutraceutical manufacturers which he has vetted for quality and efficacy.