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Dr. Michael Wild

Chiropractic Physician

Functional Medicine Practitioner

certified Cellular Inflammation and Detoxification specialist


What is


BioHacking is using scientific short cuts

to rapidly improve your health and performance...

faster than you ever imagined possible!

BioHacking is taking full control of your biology.


If you’ve pursued ways to improve your health, that’s biohacking.

Biohacking is the desire to understand the body and mind you’ve

been given and using everything at your disposal


— cutting-edge technology, tools, and science —


to become the best version of yourself.

Why BioHack on the

Cellular Level?


Because your cells are your body's

fundamental unit of life.

In fact,

you are made up of

hundreds of trillions of them.

And if your cells aren't healthy, you're not healthy.

It's as simple as that.


While we all understand the importance of

eating right, sleeping well, and

maintaining the strength of our

muscles, heart, and lungs,


we typically tend to overlook the importance of

improving our health at the cellular level...


ensuring the vitality of

the basic building blocks

of your muscles, heart, and lungs


and every other part of your body

needed to keep you alive and well. 

Why is this important?

Because science has proven that

Chronic Cellular Inflammation

is the hidden underlying culprit leading to the

Top 5 Preventable Causes of Death in America







"All diseases are disturbances at the cellular level"

-Rudolph Virchow, 'the father of modern pathology',1858 


"To treat disease, we must understand its cause.

To understand the cause of disease, we must understand

the alterations that occur at the level of individual cells"

-Yale School of Medicine, Dept. of Cell Biology



The health of your cells determines your

quantity and quality of life.









it's time to think outside the box,

so you don't end up in one

What is

The BioHack Zone?


a one-of-a-kind chiropractic & cellular health center

devoted to optimizing your whole-body health

by first optimizing your cellular health. 


Dr. Wild is not your traditional type of doctor and


The BioHack Zone


is definitely not your traditional type of gym.


We offer a variety of approaches to attain

and maintain your optimal cellular and whole-body health,

all based on cutting-edge science

and using tomorrow's technology

to safely and dramatically speed up your results today.

Whether you are experiencing pain or a health problem,

or you simply want to improve your physical and mental well-being

in order to feel, heal, and look your best


The BioHack Zone


provides a unique and friendly environment to do so.


Our center features advanced techniques

to biohack your body at the cellular level


stopping cellular inflammation


reversing the damage

caused by cellular toxicity


promoting whole-body health & healing


When you enhance your well-being at the cellular level,

you truly take control of your health.


We can help you reach your health goals

faster than you ever imagined.

Simply put,

you have to experience it to believe it.


Join us...

heal your cells

and watch your body get well



while you can certainly see rapid improvements with occasional use of any of our unique services,
true cellular and whole-body health are best achieved
with visiting us on a regular basis.
Consider our
Monthly Memberships
starting at just $47/month
our top of the line
Monthly Memberships
starting at only $147/month
for the best results and most savings!



Physical, Mental, and Chemical



Cardiovascular and Muscular

Optimize Appearance

Fat, Cellulite, and




Cellular and Whole Body

click on any arrowhead above for a list of our biohacking tools and techniques used in each area of your health



The concept of BioHacking to rapidly improve your health is a new one for most people, and you're probably unsure about how well it will work for you, right? We get it. That's why we are offering you a NO RISK GUARANTEE so you can "dip your toe in and test the waters".


Join either our


LIMITED ACCESS Monthly Membership

or our

OPEN ACCESS Monthly Membership


to experience our unique cellular healing services

6 days per week,

for a FULL 30-DAY TRIAL...

no strings attached!

 $47/month - The LIMITED ACCESS level includes ALL DECREASE STRESS SERVICES: unlimited use of our relaxing, warm Hydromassage or Virtual Reality Meditation while also destressing your mind with our deep brain relaxation headset, as well as our Infrared Sauna Detox and MUSE Biofeedback brainwave-sensing system


 $97/month - The OPEN ACCESS level includes all of that too, but also gets you unlimited access to our INCREASE STRENGTH SERVICES: "Fit in 40 Seconds" CAR.O.L computerized cardio bike, and doctor-guided resistance band training while balancing on our vibration platform to 5x your results so you can get "Toned in 10 Minutes"


 $147/month - The ALL ACCESS Monthly Membership includes all of the above plus unlimited use of ALL OPTIMIZING APPEARANCE SERVICES: Advanced Red Light services including Fat Melt, Super Model Skin toning, Muscle Stamina & Muscle Strength sessions, Mitochondrial Immune Booster, etc.

This membership level NOT included in the 30-DAY GUARANTEE trial offer.

$247/month - The ULTIMATE ACCESS Monthly Membership combines the ALL ACCESS BioHacking membership with a WEEKLY WELLNESS Chiropractic membership, granting you access to the ultimate "feel well and heal well fast" formula This membership level NOT included in the 30-DAY GUARANTEE trial offer.


At the end of your first 30 days of trial membership, you get to make one of 3 choices: 

1.  Do nothing, and continue receiving all the awesome benefits of your current level of membership for another 11 months


2. Upgrade or downgrade your membership and continue to SAVE BIG on all the unique cellular healing services you have come to know and love, to use regularly as you see fit for another 11 months!


3. Discontinue your membership. 


If you decide that you don't want to continue for ANY reason at all...you are immediately released from the remainder of your 12-month Membership with no further financial obligation. No questions asked. No hard feelings. No kidding, we promise.

If you opt to discontinue your monthly membership after the first 30 days, you are welcome and encouraged to return and use our services on an a la carte basis any time you like. If you later suddenly realize what an awful mistake you made and you want the opportunity to save lots of money by rejoining one of our monthly membership plans, just say so. You're welcome back any time you want, but of course, keep in mind that the NO RISK GUARANTEE can only be used once ;)



Monthly Memberships begin on the day you join and continue for a total of 12-months from the date you first joined. The card you used at the time of joining will be charged your appropriate membership fee according to your level of membership every 30 days thereafter until your 12-month commitment is complete.

You may "pause" a membership for up to 2 months in any 12-month period,

after which time you would either resume the membership and

complete the remainder of your 12-month commitment,

or simply cancel the membership**.


You may always start a new membership again at any time

at the then-current rate and including the then-current services.


**If you choose to cancel your membership, you are financially responsible for the difference between the discounted rate you were charged for all services received while under the membership and what the usual and customary fee for each service would have been at their a la carte rate without a 12-month commitment. This "settle up" fee will be charged at the time of cancellation to the same card you kept on file with us for your monthly membership fee payments.

maximum results
minimum time


The BioHack Zone

located within the BalanceRVA building

10431 Patterson Avenue

Richmond, VA 23238

Hours of Operation


Monday through Friday

9am - 1pm & 3pm - 7pm 


9am - 1pm

Sunday: closed

all services are by appointment and are booked through the SCHEDULING tab above