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a unique new

cellular health spa

founded in Richmond, VA











Dr. Michael Wild

Chiropractic Physician

Functional Medicine Practitioner

certified Cellular Inflammation and Detoxification specialist


What is


BioHacking is using scientific short-cuts

to rapidly improve your health and performance...

faster than you ever imagined possible.

Biohacking is the desire to understand

the body and mind you’ve been given

and use everything at your disposal including

cutting-edge technology, tools, and science

to become the best version of yourself.

BioHacking is

taking full control of your biology.

If you’re ready to pursue

optimal ways to improve your health,

you're ready to biohack!



Why BioHack on the

Cellular Level?

Because your cells are your body's

fundamental unit of life. In fact,

you are made of trillions of them working

together to create all of the tissues, organs,

glands, and systems that we ultimately call


And if your individual cells aren't healthy,

you're not healthy.


It's as simple as that.

While we all understand the importance of

eating right, sleeping well, and

maintaining the strength of organs such as our

muscles, heart, and lungs

we typically tend to overlook the importance of

improving our health at the cellular level,

ensuring the vitality of the basic building blocks

that actually create our muscles, heart, and lungs...

and every other part of your body

needed to keep you alive and well! 



Why is this important?


Because science has proven that


Chronic Cellular Inflammation & Toxicity


is the hidden underlying culprit behind the

Top 5 Preventable Causes of Death in America


Cardiovascular Disease




Auto-Immune Disorders



"All diseases are disturbances at the cellular level"

-Rudolph Virchow

'the father of modern pathology',1858 


"To treat disease, we must understand its cause.

To understand the cause of disease, we must understand

the alterations that occur at the level of individual cells"

-Yale School of Medicine, Dept. of Cell Biology



"The health of your cells determines your

quality and quantity of life.

Save your cells and you save yourself."

- Dr. Michael Wild, founder of The BioHack Zone


It's time to think outside the box,

so you don't end up in one

What is

The BioHack Zone?


a one-of-a-kind cellular health center

devoted to optimizing your whole-body health

by first optimizing your cellular health. 


Dr. Wild is not your traditional type of doctor and


The BioHack Zone

is definitely not your traditional type of health spa.


We offer a variety of approaches to

attain and maintain

your optimal cellular and whole-body health


using tomorrow's technology

to safely and dramatically speed up your results today.

Whether you are experiencing pain or a health problem

or you simply want to

improve your physical and mental well-being

in order to feel, heal, and look your best


The BioHack Zone

is exactly what you've been looking for!


Our center features advanced techniques

to biohack your body at the cellular level

which help


reverse the damage

caused by cellular toxicity


stop cellular inflammation



whole-body health & healing



When you enhance your well-being at the cellular level,

you truly take control of your health.


We can help you reach your health goals

faster than you ever imagined.

Simply put,

you have to experience it to believe it.


heal your cells

and watch your whole body

get well




Physical, Mental, and Chemical



Cardiovascular and Muscular

Optimize Appearance

Fat, Cellulite, and




Cellular and Whole Body

click on any arrowhead above for a list of our biohacking tools and techniques used in each area of your health


maximum results

Everyone wants the "most bang for their buck", and no one wants just mediocre results, ever.

For these reasons, we have invested in incredible technology to get you superior results...faster than you ever thought possible

minimum time

We know your time is likely your most precious commodity

 and we respect that. Therefore, all of our cutting-edge treatments are specifically designed to require just 30 minutes or less of your day...

so not a minute is wasted


The BioHack Zone

located within the BalanceRVA building

10431 Patterson Avenue

Richmond, VA 23238

Hours of Operation


Monday through Friday

9am - 7pm


9am - 1pm

Sunday: closed

Services are available A LA CARTE or through one of our money-saving MONTH-BY-MONTH MEMBERSHIPS, and are booked through the SCHEDULING tab in the menu above.


See how you can save by checking out our many MEMBERSHIP options. Simply click on the MEMBERSHIP tab in the menu above, pick which options work best for you, and JOIN TODAY!





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