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Discount Day Pass & Memberships
The BioHack Zone Day Pass
Enjoy a day of rejuvenating your body and mind
in our unique cellular health spa & gym,
The BioHack Zone!
A Day Pass allows you to explore and experience all of the cutting-edge healing tools found in our Reduce Stress, Increase Strength, Improve Circulation & Detoxification, and Optimize Appearance rooms.
Each Day Pass allows one-time use of each piece of equipment found in The BioHack Zone for 1 day, requiring approx. 2-hrs. time to complete.
normal fee - $187
now available for just
One pass is required per person.
No sharing of passes is allowed
while you can certainly see rapid improvements
with even occasional use of any of our unique services,
true cellular and whole-body health are best achieved
by visiting us on a regular basis!
For this reason, we strongly encourage you to take advantage
of the cost savings and convenience of one of our many
discount membership options,
including our:
BioHacking Only
or our combination
our unique synergy of chiropractic & biohacking
which offers you the best of both types of health services
at the lowest fee!
Various Chiro-Hacking Membership options
are available only after completing
a Chiropractic Spinal Exam.
Please visit to book your
Initial New Patient Exam 
BioHacking Only
Membership Options
Our biohacking memberships are divided into
according to the services available in each room:
muscle-relaxing warm Hydromassage
brain-relaxing Psycho-Acoustic music frequencies
SilentMode PowerMaskTM 
sensory-deprivation guided meditation
visual and auditory deep brain entrainment
Electrical & Acoustic Transcutaneous
Vagus Nerve Stimulation
      to activate Healing, Rest, & Digest systems
Vibration Platform resistance band exercises
to 5x your results
"Get Toned in 10 Minutes"
CAR.O.LTM Cardiovascular Health Optimization Bike
using computer guidance to
"Get Fit in 40 Seconds"
360-degree leg muscle activation
Lateral Cardio Trainer
Life Extension Calf Stretch Exercises
Higher DoseTM ultralow-EMF Infrared Sauna
      for deep cellular detox & enhanced macro-circulation
Cellular Healing P.E.M.F. plus Infrared Zero-Gravity Chair
      for lighter detox & enhanced micro-circulation
Air Compression massaging Leg Sleeves
      for enhanced lymphatic drainage & circulation
Fat Melting
Red Light spectrum system
Natural Facelift
Red & Yellow Pulsed/Static Light spectrum system
Cellulite Correcting
Red Light spectrum system
Skin-Clearing Tightening and Toning
Red Light spectrum system
laser hair growth/thickening system 
Mitochondria-Activating Cellular Healing
Red Light spectrum system
Deep Tissue & Joint Repair
Red Light spectrum system
Pre-Workout Muscle Endurance
Red Light spectrum system 
Post-Workout Muscle Strength
Red Light spectrum system
Deciding which Membership is Right for You
is as easy as
1. Simply pick the services you want to use
2. Look to see which rooms include those services
3. Join just those rooms you want to use
on a month-by-month basis.
No long-term contracts!



Pick, Pay, & Play
for a whole 30 days!












You can even change which rooms you use

at the end of each 30-day cycle!
*additional savings of 50% off Chiropractic  services are available when you choose an All 4 Room Membership, as part of a Chiro-Hacking Membership









memberships begin on the date you join

and continue for 30 days from that date.

Each Biohack Zone membership provides enough visit credits to allow for one-time use each day of each individual piece of biohacking equipment found in each room for which you have a paid monthly membership, for a full 30 days. Credits do not roll over to the next 30-day cycle if not used.


Please note that an Increase Strength Room membership provides access to all pieces of equipment in that room with the exception of Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), which is part of a separate advanced "Cellular Health SuperCharge" Program that can be added for an additional fee.

Please note that only one session of Photobiomodulation (PBM) Red Light Therapy may be completed on any given day when using our Optimize Appearance room due to the limitations of your cells and tissues to absorb continued lightwave energy beyond that timeframe.


Due to the significant savings already provided by our memberships over the usual and customary fees associated with all of the included services,

no credit will be given for any days missed or visits not used

within each 30-day membership cycle...

in other words,

use it or lose it.

Chiro-Hacking Memberships

include full access to

all 4 Biohack Zone rooms

as well as

either 4, 8, or 12 Chiropractic Visits every 30 days,

according to your chosen membership type as follows:


Chiro-Hack 1

includes 4 visits per 30 days


Chiro-Hack 2

includes 8 visits per 30 days


Chiro-Hack 3

includes 12 visits per 30 days


It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule to receive your chiropractic visits during the days and times that we make these services available to the public during any given week.


Periodically chiropractic services may not be readily available on a particular day due to holiday closings, staff vacation, or other obligations such as the doctor's need to attend continuing education training. 


As long as 3 days within any 7-day period are made available to receive your chiropractic services, no credit will be given for any unused visits.


If at least 3 days within any given 7-day period are not made available for scheduling your chiropractic visits, we will credit you the appropriate number of unusable visits during that timeframe,

to be used within the next 30-day cycle. 


The card you used at the time of joining

will be automatically charged your appropriate membership fee

every 30 days thereafter until you ask us to stop.

You may cancel your membership at the end of any 30-day cycle.


You are welcome to start a new membership again at any time.


call us for more information

about our combination
membership options
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